Hydrophobic coating for metal

Engineers consider various parameters while designing new systems and machines. Creating ideal conditions for the designed system to work optimally is about analyzing the risks that pose a threat to […]

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Oil sludge treatment

Many industries focus more on waste treatment thanks to the global sensitivity towards environmental issues of our time. Authorities implement more laws and regulations to ensure industrial organizations treat hazardous […]

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How do magnesium alloys corrode

New advances in material science provide engineers with various options while designing. Thanks to the available production technologies, scientists can combine elements to create composites, alloys, and compounds with superior […]

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Types of materials used in structural aerospace applications

Some industries are very demanding in terms of material performance. The aerospace industry is one of the industries with high-performance demands from the materials used. Aircraft components endure extreme temperatures, […]

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Aluminum Coatings Against Corrosion 1

Aluminum Coatings Against Corrosion

Introduction Surface defense against corrosion is crucial, especially for certain industries. Technological advances give engineers more options and flexibility when it comes to surface protection. Different materials and industries call […]

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Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation 2

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation

Introduction There are various surface treatment options available due to technological advances in production processes. Application of the correct method is crucial to achieving desired results. What property of which […]

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Types of Corrosion Resistant Metal Coatings Compared 3

Types of Corrosion Resistant Metal Coatings Compared

Introduction to Metal Coatings Metal coatings are used to improve the physical and chemical properties of ferrous metals. Corrosion, thermal and impact resilience are the main properties that can be […]

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Aerospace Manufacturing Certifications 4

Aerospace Manufacturing Certifications

Introduction: Over the past century, scientific and technological advancements in the aerospace industry have boomed. Nasa, Boeing, and Lockheed are examples of this industry’s giants. As such, the requirements for […]

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E-Coating vs. Powder Coating 5

E-Coating vs. Powder Coating

Introduction Painting a finished product is vital to ensure its presentability and longevity. Due to new advances in surface finishing technologies, wet painting is no longer the only option to […]

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Types of Superalloys 6

Types of Superalloys

Introduction Modern standards of production can be highly demanding. Engineers and designers are constantly pushed to meet industry requirements in performance, longevity, sustainability, and cost optimization. Industrial production is in […]

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