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Non Sparking Tools Catalog

Safety Tools – A Quick Overview of Our Non-Sparking Tools Catalog

Since 2004, TFT Safety Tools have been trusted in the most demanding industries and environments. This equipment is compliant with Atex Guidelines, are safe to use in Class 1 Div […]

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Collapsed oil storage tank repair using a pneumatic angle grinder

Crude oil storage tanks repairing is crucial in the oil extraction industry. Unrefined oil stays in these tanks waiting to be transported or processed into finished products. The integrity of […]

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Pipeline maintenance using Non Sparking Tools

One of the ways that oil companies can prevent oil spills is by using the right certified cold work tools to prevent pipeline fatigue.

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Hydraulic Bolting Solutions - Diagram - Chicago Pneumatic

Hydraulic Torque Wrench – The complete guide for this powerful bolting tool

In this post you'll learn Types of hydraulic torque wrenchesSquare Drive Low Profile LinksLow Profile Links FeaturesApplicationsTri-Hold Backup WrenchesHow do Titan’s Backup Wrenches Work?Hydraulic Bolting Pumps ApplicationsTake Action Hydraulic torque […]

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Using our weldseam removal disc to remove some angle and pipe.

Sparkless Grinders – Certified Cold Work Safety Tools

Explosive environments are among the most challenging places to work on. Refineries, Chemical Plants, Process Plants, Boats/Ships and Offshore Platforms are included among them. In these environments, it is often […]

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Skid Removal – Cutting and Grinding

OFFSHORE Platforms are among the most challenging places to work on Earth. Plain and simple, every time you work in an Area on which there is a risk of Explosion the […]

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Proven benefits of using non sparking tools in offshore platforms

In this post you'll learn The Proper Tools to Use in Explosive EnvironmentsAdvantages of Using Non Sparking ToolsSafety in UseHot Work ConsiderationsHidden costsDamage to adjacent equipmentConsequences of Shutdown/SlowdownsJob postponementCapabilities of […]

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4″ Air Angle Grinder FA-30X-2F – Air Tool Spotlight

The 4″ Pneumatic Angle Grinder FA-30X-2F is ideal for weld cleaning in Shipyards, Foundries, and other metalworking applications.

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