Aerospace Manufacturing Certifications 1

Aerospace Manufacturing Certifications

Introduction: Over the past century, scientific and technological advancements in the aerospace industry have boomed. Nasa, Boeing, and Lockheed are examples of this industry’s giants. As such, the requirements for […]

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E-Coating vs. Powder Coating 2

E-Coating vs. Powder Coating

Introduction Painting a finished product is vital to ensure its presentability and longevity. Due to new advances in surface finishing technologies, wet painting is no longer the only option to […]

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Types of Superalloys 3

Types of Superalloys

Introduction Modern standards of production can be highly demanding. Engineers and designers are constantly pushed to meet industry requirements in performance, longevity, sustainability, and cost optimization. Industrial production is in […]

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Safety Goggles vs Safety Glasses 4

Safety Goggles vs Safety Glasses

According to the Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC), almost 2,000 US workers suffer an eye injury at the job every day. These numbers represent the injuries which need medical attention. More than […]

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Benzene Gas Detection In The Oil and Gas Industries

Overview: Benzene is an organic chemical compound composed of six carbon atoms bonding with six hydrogen atoms in a circular pattern. It’s usually colorless but can also display a light-yellow […]

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Emergency Shower Equipment

Despite all safety precautions, workplace accidents might be inevitable. A quick and accurate response to accidents is crucial to prevent permanent consequences. Occupations that are exposed to hazardous chemicals are […]

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Hearing Hazards

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 22 million workers are exposed to potentially harmful levels of noise each year. Lack of preventative measures or long exposure […]

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Effects of Heat Stress in Open Pit Mining Operations

Heat stress is a common occurrence in open pit mining operations. The heat can be caused by the heat radiating from dark surfaces, or the heat retained by various materials […]

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Five Common Types of Welding Joints

Welding joints are an integral part of any welding project. Welding is a process that has many purposes but one thing it does for sure is joining together two pieces […]

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Winter Weather Precautions to Take in the Oil and Gas Industries

Winter is the time of year when cold weather hinders refinery operations, pipelines, and railways. The winter weather creates a number of obstacles for these things to do their job […]

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