Can I use a cold work permit rather than a hot work permit?

The ideal Safe System of Work (SSoW) at any location reduces the risk of performing that work to a level referred to as “As Low As Reasonably Possible” or ALARP […]

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Hidden Costs of using Conventional Tools in Explosive Environments

While initially more expensive TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools offer significant advantages over conventional tools. Designed to be used in Explosive and Classified Atmospheres (including Dust Explosive areas), these tools offer unique […]

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TFT-Pneumatic featured in the Dust Safety Science Podcast

Earlier this month we were interviewed by Dr. Chris Cloney from to discuss how the TFT Safety Tools are an excellent choice to use in explosive zones, especially those […]

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Dealing with Pipe Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry

Dealing with Pipe Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry

Pipe corrosion is a costly problem everyone in our industry deals with. The World Corrosion Organization estimated in 2019 that corrosion worldwide costs $2.5 trillion US dollars annually or 3 […]

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Pipe Surface preparation in tight/confined areas

Corrosion affects infrastructure and destroys equipment and utilities. Pipeline support brackets are areas commonly damaged by corrosion. Surface preparation is hard to achieve and it sometimes involves the use of […]

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Cut through surfaces easily using the Compact Cutting Guide A-0420

The Compact Cutting Guide A-0420 track system uses a combination of a magnet with a travel track to guide the tool back and forth a flat surface. It is designed to cut […]

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Welding Aluminum – Weld Preparation and Material Removal

Welding aluminum is proof that technology and modern manufacturing come with certain advantages. Nowadays our manufacturing methods have evolved and we can build items that just a few years ago […]

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Bolting – How does an impact wrench work

Manufacturing applications involve many different jobs, among them, is assembly, cutting, welding, grinding, painting, drilling and so on. In this post, we will discuss how a pneumatic impact wrench works […]

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Saw Blade Alternatives – Avoiding Risks

Manufacturing applications involving cutting and material removal in aluminum are particularly challenging. Cutting discs get clogged up and are simply not efficient or effective. Some users have resorted to circular […]

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How does a pneumatic drill work?

In this post, we will discuss how a pneumatic drill works and some of the technology used for assembly, cutting, welding, grinding, painting, and drilling.

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