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Whether you work for a Forge, Foundry, Shipyard, Petrochemical company, Coal mine, or any other type of industry, we believe this library will help you.

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Polyureathane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings have been gaining popularity in recent years. Polyurethane displays superior performance properties compared to traditional coatings such as epoxy. The superior performance and cost efficiency is what made polyurethane so popular. In this article, we will explore what polyurethane coatings are, their benefits, and some common applications. What Is It? Polyurethane coatings are […]

Flange Corrosion Repair

Flange corrosion is a common problem in various industrial settings. Pipelines that are exposed to corrosive conditions. Humidity, saltwater, and chemical exposure are some of the most common factors. Corrosion can weaken the flange and compromise the safety of the equipment. In this article, we will discuss the causes of flange corrosion, the importance of […]

Epoxy Coatings

Engineers and designers are always looking for ways to build long-lasting systems. Factors, such as corrosion, physical and chemical damage are threats against durable results. There are various procedures to ensure longevity such as coating. A variety of coating methods are at disposal of engineers. Epoxy coating are one of the most popular coating methods […]

Effect of Corrosion on Tensile Strength

Corrosion is a destructive process that can impact the tensile strength of metals. Tensile strength is the greatest amount of stress that a material can withstand before it breaks. When a metal corrodes, its surface undergoes chemical reactions. Those reactions weaken the structural integrity, leading to a reduction in tensile strength. In this article, we […]

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) occurs when water comes into contact with insulated surfaces. Moisture gets trapped inside the insulation, creating a corrosive environment. If left unchecked, trapped moisture can cause serious damages. Corrosion under insulation is a significant problem for many industries. The most affected industries being; oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical, and power generation. Why […]

Corrosion Under Acidic and Alkaline Conditions

Corrosion is a chemical process that occurs on metals and other materials. There are various causes for corrosion, such as humidity and chemicals. Yet one of the most overlooked cause of corrosion is non-ideal pH levels. When the pH of the environment is outside the range of 6 to 8, the risk of corrosion increases. […]

Coating Thickness Measuring

Thickness measuring is an important process to ensure quality and compliance with regulations. Coatings are applied to provide protection, decoration. Besides coatings provides properties such as conductivity, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. The thickness of the coating affects its performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Measuring coating thickness involves different methods and instruments. Each method offers various accuracy, […]

Fire Protection Systems

Fire hazards are a part of our everyday life. Being exposed to fire hazards without countermeasures can be devastating. The best line of defense against fire hazards is correct information. However, certain types of environments are much more exposed to fire hazards such as industrial buildings. Some industries are more in danger in terms of […]

Destructive Testing Methods

Systems and components must be tested before the final commissioning to ensure that they will function per design during their lifespan. The quality of the entire system is directly related to the performance of the components. Thus, systems with little to no tolerance for failure must be tested to the limits. Destructive testing is the […]

What Is Natural Gas

Even though a big part of new investments is in renewable energy, fossil fuels are still the backbone of the world’s energy supply. There is an undeniable shift toward renewable energy use. The vast availability of fossil sources and the current infrastructure makes that shift quite subtle. However, since fossil fuels are finite, a complete […]

Welding Of Gas Pipes

Oil and gas industries are exceedingly demanding in terms of workplace safety. These industries possess high risks because of the materials involved in processes. The best way to minimize risks is to keep the work areas free of combustibles therefore, the correct installment of gas pipes is crucial. Due to strict safety standards, gas pipes […]

Underground Gas Networks

Industries and residential areas rely on a continuous supply of energy therefore, transferring it from the source to the consumer is an exceedingly vital process. Natural is one of the most commonly used fossil fuels. There are millions of miles-long distribution networks covering vast regions of the world to ensure consumers have access to an […]

Types of Natural Gas Stations

Natural gas is one of the most commonly used fossil fuels, powering industries. Statistics suggest that the world’s total annual consumption for 2022 was 4.04 trillion cubic meters. If we look at the last 20 years, the annual gas consumption displays an uprising trend, meaning the consumption increases. This tremendous amount of gas has to […]

ST-52 Steel and Welding

ST52 is one of the most commonly used low-Carbon steels. ST52 is used to manufacture structural components and mechanical parts and its excellently weldable. In this article, we will discuss the properties of ST52 and the welding techniques that are commonly used for processing this specific type of low-Carbon steel. Steel is graded based on […]

Hot Tap Applications on Gas Lines

Various industries depend on natural gas for their energy need, while residential areas rely on gas for heating. However, gas distribution networks need maintenance, and increasing consumption levels require additional infrastructure. Industries and residential areas need a steady supply of gas. Maintaining and building gas lines can be challenging without cutting the gas supply to […]