Pneumatic Grinders

Using a pneumatic grinder is the prime choice for heavy-duty industries, such as oil and gas companies, forges and foundries, refineries, and more. Also known as air grinders, offer increased durability, efficiency, safety, and reduced labor costs, making them an excellent investment. Our tools are also certified for Dust Explosive atmospheres.

Pneumatic Angle Grinders

Made for heavy duty applications. They feature low vibration during operation and are durable and cost effective.

Pneumatic Die Grinders

Compact design with 30,000 RPM of speed. Ideal for grinding or deburring with carbide burrs or mounted points.

Extended Grinders

Made to reach inside machinery and hard to reach areas. Lightweight and features a low sound profile.

Low Speed Grinders

Designed to run with specialized rotating files, and steel wire brushes that require low RPM speed.

Milling Machines

Portable steel milling machine for fast and precise grinding and flattening of steel weld seams. 4,200 RPM power.

Pencil Grinders

Ideal for deburring, contouring, and light grinding. Use with a rotating file/burr. Small diameter for precision.

Straight Grinders

Designed for two-handed material removal jobs with abrasive or cone wheels. Housing made of aluminum alloy .

Vertical Grinders

Designed for extreme environments with dust and low air quality Robust design, low maintenance and long durability.