FUJI’s extended die grinders are designed to be used with 2 hands. They are manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy and steel and crafted as very robust and tough tools.

Manufactured with FUJI’s latest in grinder technology, these categories of tools are equipped with centrifugal speed governors and include a noise-reducing device. They are high performing, and smooth operating tool and are known for being powerful, robust, and durable die grinders or straight grinders. They can be found in overall lengths ranging from 12″ to 42″, and are designed to withstand tough jobs under continuous load in Heavy-duty Industrial material removal applications, such as Shipyards, Foundries, Forges, Rail Car, Automotive, Heavy industry, and many other types of manufacturers.

Generally used for hard to reach areas, the User can select from a variety of models which range from collet mounted tips to threaded spindles for use with cones or abrasives.

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