Pneumatic Pulse Tools

FUJI’s pulse tools are among the most advanced assembly tools in the World. They incorporate many Patents and design features that make them unique and add great value to Assembly lines. Their pulse unit in newer models is designed to run maintenance-free for up to 250,000 fastenings which is Class-Leading.

These robust, ergonomic tools are designed to minimize run downtimes and provide precision in tightening applications. A great improvement from their counterparts, the Impact wrenches, Pulse Tools is designed to run without the use of excessive force as their pulse unit is essentially a hydraulic unit that works in combination with the air motor into building up torque.

These tools are bigger than impact wrenches, but their precision and smoothness cannot be matched. Definitively when precision and torque repeatability is desire the way to go is with a FUJI pulse tool. FUJI provides the widest range of tools in the market, starting at a mere 1.5 ft lbs and going all the way up to 368 ft lbs.