Shut-off Type Pulse Tools

FUJI’s shut off pulse tools are among the most advanced in the World, developed around 30 years ago they have undergone many improvements throughout the years.

The main characteristic of these tools is that once they reach the preset torque they will shut off. Their Shut-off valve mechanism includes a valve and piston design that provides the benefits of stable shut-off and torque levels.

The design ensures smooth movement of the piston which means oil pressure is transmitted precisely to the shut-off valve. It is this how the accuracy and consistency of the tightening torque are improved greatly. For Low air pressure operation (4-5 Bar) we have designated some models (-L), their design involves special optimization of the airflow from the relief valve. Thanks to this design, even low oil pressure can be transmitted precisely to the shut-off valve.

Another feature is the Plunger mechanism, to read about them in details please see below. Our lineup includes many models and options, from very small torque to large ones. Our grip options include a pistol, angle, and straight thus allowing the Operator for greater comfort.