Angle Grinders

FUJI’s angle grinders are known Worldwide for being robust, powerful, and durable. They are pneumatic tools designed for Heavy-duty Industrial material removal applications.

The common Users range from Shipyards, Foundries, Forges, Rail Car, Automotive, Heavy industry, and many other types of manufacturers. FUJI offers a wide variety of angle grinders for use in any grinding operation. Many models have features of machined beveled gears, speed control governor, built-in exhaust, and a patented gear cooling design. FUJI has more models and variations than any other manufacturer.

The range goes from a small 2″ to our largest 9″ version. We invite you to take a look into the models where you will find class-leading tools designed to withstand the toughest circumstances and be reliable day in – day out.

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Wheel Size

Angle grinders (also known as side grinders) are some of the most common industrial tools out there. Whether it’s for sanding, polishing, material removal, or cutting, virtually every industry is going to have (or need) an angle grinder.

Due to its size and controlled power, this angle grinder has very little vibration. This protects the operator from weariness, allowing them to work for longer periods of time, and protecting them from problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or soreness.

What kind of discs can I use?

There are hundreds of discs you can use attach to this tool. Some of the most popular grinding discs come from Grainger, 3M, Norton Abrasives.

The differences are really up to what you are trying to accomplish. But some of the ways you can decide what type of wheel you need are based on:

  • Grit – How abrasive the wheel is
  • Size
  • Thread spindle

How long does it take to ship angle grinders?

We can ship many air angle grinders right away. We have some models in our inventory, so we should be able to fulfill your order within hours. However, there are other models that require more time to fulfill the order. So it’s always a good idea to confirm with us for availability and shipping times. We’ll give you an estimated time of arrival when you request a quote.

How long do angle grinders last?

Pneumatic tools generally have the longest working life of all industrial tools. We sell Fuji Air Tools, which are some of the best air tools in the world. So you can expect our pneumatic angle grinders to last many years. Proper maintenance is essential to all tools, however, it is quite common for FUJI tools to be in their work environments for a number of years. Some users report in excess of 30 years. And as much as we would like to say that is the norm, it would be safe to say they last from 7 to 15 years.

What are some tips we should know about air-powered angle grinders?

While air tools are heavy-duty and can stand the harshest treatments, it’s important to use them as they were intended. Because pneumatic power is so organic, you have to pay attention to how you direct the power of the pressurized air.

In general, there are two things you can do to take care of your FUJI Tools angle grinders.

  1. Startup the grinder in the air, not touching the surface yet. You want the power to build upon its own, and then apply it to the surface. This way you’ll get a good feel for what kind of power you are dealing with, and you will be able to apply the right pressure to get the job done.
  2. For all pneumatic tools, it’s important you control how much pressure and power you apply. What happens is that if you apply more power than necessary, the tool is going to stall. Pneumatic tools have this safety mechanism where they slow and even stop if they’re not working in their most optimal condition. This will protect your tool from overworking, and damage the tool.

Additionally, and while FUJI tools are designed for use in the harshest environments with the lowest air quality in the industry, it is always important to use dry and clean air to maximize the life of the tool.