Air Motors

FUJI Air Motors are compact and lightweight, yet sturdy and offer high power-to-weight ratios. FUJI offers a wide range of air motors from small 0.1 kW hand-held motors to large 20 kW stationary motors which are commonly found at versatile industries like ships, chemical plants, mines, and power plants, etc. As Air Motors are less likely to generate sparks (unline brushes in electric motors), they are better suited for use in hazardous environments. FUJI offers a very large variety of motors, many have been built to spec through the years.

This section of our website will surely not mention all available, past, and present air motors, but will serve as a guide into our more popular ones. Please contact us if you wish to replace old FUJI Air Motors even if they are not shown here as we may still be able to build them. Fuji has build motors since 1943. We have come across motors we sold 30+ years ago and have been able to source replacements, while the availability is not guaranteed, we will do our best to help.

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