FG-4HL Series | 3″ Extended Grinders

FG-4HL Series Extended Grinder Model :
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This series is the extended length version from our FG-4H series grinders. They are designed to be operated with 2 hands it is manufactured of high strength aluminum alloy and crafted as a very robust and tough tool. Manufactured with Fuji’s latest in grinder technology, these series tools are equipped with centrifugal speed governors and include a noise-reducing device. They are high performing and smooth operating tools.

FG-4HL Series Extended Grinder Model :
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Warranty Protection

Repair Service Available

Spare Parts

FG-4HL Series Straight Grinders



Part Number


Free speed

12,000 rpm

Collet size


Throttle type

Lock-off Lever




5.1 lb / 2.3 kgs

Noise Level

83 db(A)

FUJI Air Tools Angle Grinders Features


Industrial Heavy-Duty

Aluminum housing makes it durable and lightweight.

low vibration

Low Vibration

Expertly built to reduce vibration in the harshest operation.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

More durability means greater ROI compared to lower-end grinders.

Optional Rear Exhaust

The rear exhaust reduces the risk of scattering debris such as grindings and shavings, due to the exhaust air direction. Additionally, when using the inlet and exhaust hoses supplied with the tools, this helps reduce sound levels.

Anti-Freezing Swivel Silencer

Minimize the effect of freezing during operation with FUJI Tools anti-freezing swivel silencer. It enables the operator to direct the exhaust air to improve operator comfort at all times.

Accurate Collet Alignment

The collet is mounted in the spindle in order to provide minimal deflection. The compact collect nut enables finishing operations in confined spaced.

Centrifugal Speed Governor

All FUJI Tools Grinders have a speed governor that keeps the working speed of the tool better than a traditional grinder. As a result, the tool will last longer due to the stability of the cutting speed, which keeps the air pressure constant and reduces wear of the governor parts.

Selection of Throttle Type

FUJI Tools grinders come with four different handle configurations available. Locking lever helps reduce the risk of inadvertent starting of the tool. The operator needs to push the locking lever (F type) or the locking button (M type) to start the operation of the tool. When the lever is released, the tool automatically reverts to the locked position.

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