A-0301 Cutting Solution

This is TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools cold cutting suitcase, it is designed around our cutting disc A-0502. Our unique Cutting Solutions include a Water Control Box used to regulate the flow of water and air to optimize safe performance. It will help avoid delays and shutdowns. It has also helped get our clients out of shutdown situations and backup running faster. Our Cutting Solutions are Classified as Cold Work and Certified for use in Explosive Environments.

Our Cutting systems can help you avoid Hot Work Permits as they are not necessary.

Our Cutting Solutions are designed around Health Safety & the Environment Regulations (HMS / HSE & OSHA) offering low vibration, low heat and low noise. The fragments produced are large and blunt and will stay within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleanup simple and safe.

TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools Cutting disc are very durable. With an experienced user our Disc’s will cut and mill approximately up to 40 feet in length (5/16″ – 1/2″ depth). If an automated system is used, such as A-0410 or A-0420 the lifespan of the disc more than doubles. The water from the water control box acts as a lubricant to add life to our discs.

Proposed application areas:

  • Topside pipe cutting
  • Topside weld removal
  • Topside deck removal
  • Removing deck plates
  • Cutting projects in refineries
  • Cutting stuck bolt heads
  • Drilling deck projects
  • Weld removal
  • Cutting projects in refineries
  • Weld removal projects in refineries
  • Cutting in explosive atmospheres
  • Engine room cutting
  • Topside grating removal


Our Grinding and Cutting Solutions come safely packed in a custom Pelicase lined with pink anti-static foam.

Certified Cold Work Tool

TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety tools are Classified as Cold Work Tools and Certified by DNV for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. No other tool gives you greater protection. Our tools do not require Hot Work Permits, Habitats, or Fireguard.

Warranty Protection

Repair Service Available

Spare Parts

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TFT Safety Tools Certified Cold Work Tools Features

Cutting or Weld Removal

Cutting or Weld Seam Removal

We have two different profile cutting discs. A thin 5 mm cutting disc (A-0502) or a thicker 10 mm weld seam removal disc (A-0503). Depending on the application one may be more suitable than the other. For instance, the weld seam removal is designed to be run parallel to a deck and remove flush structures that may have been welded on. This is something that sets it apart from sawzalls and other traditional tools.

For cutting into pipe or storage tanks the cutting disc is much better, a smaller width will allow for less material removal. The ability to cut into a storage tank which may contain explosive materials without risk is second to none. Our tools have been used around the Globe in tanks where the contents were unknown giving the Operator and Asset Owner Ultimate Protection.

Other jobs where perhaps a Lock-tag could have been by-passed would have been safer with our tools in the first place. While not the fastest tool in the market, they are definitively the coolest and the safest.

low vibration

Health, Safety and the Environment

These rotating files (can also be called grinding burrs or rotary files) are designed to be an extension of the Operators arm.  They feature low vibration during operation, low heat, and low noise levels. The metal fragments are large, sharpless, and will drop just a few inches away from the work piece, making the worksite safe, and its cleanup easy and fast.

DNV Certified

Certified and Classified by DNV as Cold Work Tools

For material removal jobs in Classified Areas, you need tools that are Certified Cold Work, to avoid spending in Hot Work Permits, Habitats and fire watches or worse, shutdowns and delays. Our tools have been used for more than 15 years in the toughest places around the World. 


Tungsten Carbide Grinding Tool

The TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools rotating files and discs are made of a proprietary alloy based on tungsten carbide. The hardness in their Patented design is right in between the one of an industrial diamond and the one from a natural diamond. Depending on the job you may select the type to use: surface prep, grinding or cutting.    


Long Lasting

TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools rotating files and discs are reliable and safe to use in explosive environments, such as Offshore Platforms, Refineries, Chemical Plants, mines, and many other places. These tools are robust and built for heavy-duty industrial jobs. Their lifespan is up to 100 times the one of a traditional carbide file. Since our files do not heat up significantly, they do not lose their sharp edge. In 15 years no users have complained about the file’s lifetime. Most of our users praise the ability for both the tools and attachments to be in pair with the toughest jobs in the Industry.


Certified for Cold Work

The tools have endured a long and tough Certification process by DNV. They have proven throughout this testing and for more than 15 years in the toughest conditions, that they will not trigger an ignition. Used day in day out in the toughest places in the world they are a valuable asset for small to medium jobs where mobility and speed are important. 

Cost effective

Reduce Operating Costs

By using these certified cold work tools, you can avoid all the hassle from a Hot Work Permit or Habitats. The tools can be used in hydrocarbon-rich environments, where gas is present without all the dangers associated with using hot work tools. Our tools are so cool in fact that they can be used directly in contact with the hydrocarbon/gas. While not the economical tool as a standalone item, their ability to be used at all times, allows the Asset Owner to recover the investment many times over in as little as a few minutes of use.

Safe Operation

Safe to Use

Being certified cold work tools means you do not need to cover up adjacent surfaces in the work area because the tools do not produce any hot sparks that can burn through paint coatings. The work area temperature is low heat, averaging 95-105°F when grinding steel, which if you think about it is just above human body temperature. Our tools are also certified for Dust Explosive atmospheres.


Toxic-Free Polyurethane Coatings

There is no escape of isocyanides when grinding through polyurethane coatings with traditional tools. However TFT-PNEUMATIC Safety Tools chip off the material, rather than burn it. This is accomplished by reducing the energy, thus reducing the heat. This means the Operators will not breathe these harmful chemicals.

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