FL-7 Series – Pistol Grip

FL-7 : FL-7-3 BF EC
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FL-7 : FL-7-3 BF EC
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FL-7 - Pistol Grip Model Specs



Part Number


Squre drive size (Anvil)


Handle type


Recommended torque (ft lb)

25.1 - 44.2 ft lbs

Speed (RPM's)



2.25 lbs / 1.02 kg



FUJI Air Tools Pulse Tools Features


Industrial Heavy-Duty

Aluminum housing makes it durable and lightweight.

low vibration

Low Vibration

Expertly built to reduce vibration in the harshest operation.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

More durability means greater ROI compared to lower-end tools.

Exhaust with a muffler

Our original built-in, swivel type, exhaust muffler is designed to reduce the noise level of the tool. The operator can also select a suitable direction of the exhaust air to minimize the risk of blowing any dust or debris into the local work environment.

All WRENCHES EXCEPT FW-6PL, 6PLD, 5SXD-8, 80, FD-4, 5, 4P, 5P


Two-Stage Squeezing Type Throttle Valve Mechanism

The two-stage / squeeze type throttle enables the operator to start the tool slowly and increase to full speed to aid location of the fastening at the start of the cycle.

Reverse Valve Lever

All models feature a reversible motor. The operator can easily and quickly select the direction of rotation simply by turning or sliding the reverse actuator.

2-Blade Pulse Units

As the pulsing cycle is very short, there is almost no torque reaction in the handle grip (low motor torque only is felt by the operator). Unlike an impact wrench, the pulse tool has no «metal to metal» contact and consequently the pulse wrenches provide softer and stable «impulsing». The benefits from this are less vibration, lower noise levels and longer service life when compared with conventional impact wrenches. All pulse wrenches models (FET, FLT, FPT, FL, FPW) utilise the Fuji patented 2 blade pulse unit combined with the dual chamber motor. This combination provides 50% higher power to weight ratio than comparable fastening tools. For productivity, this design reaches torque faster, is excellent for soft joint or prevailing torque applications with reduced noise and vibration levels.

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