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Aluminum Milling Disc

Features and Benefits

No explosion hazard from aluminum dust

Chips are produced instead of dust what means a significant contribution to work safety

No Abrasive residues, no smearing

Especially with aluminum no plastic bonded abrasives may be used as they leave residues in the material that may cause weld defects like porosity or inclusions after rewelding. In using our milling disc weld defects are immediately visible and the smearing caused by grinding is avoided.

No stress in the material through overheating

With milling the workpiece remains cold. Overheating is avoided.

Higher process efficiency

Through higher material removal rate and elimination of frequent tool changes due to an estimated product lifetime of 300 hours in comparison to 30 minutes of a conventional flap disc.*

No sudden or unexpected reaction/kickbacks

Unlike traditional cutting discs, with our milling discs you will notice the kickbacks are drastically reduced and in most cases completely eliminated.

Very long expected lifetime of disc

Each disc has a lifetime before resharpening of up to 500 hours and they can be resharpened up to 7 times, giving a total lifetime of 4,000 hours. This means non-stop grinding for 8 hours shifts, 52 weeks a year, for 2 years.

Cost reduction/Savings

Our discs, including the initial cost and 7 resharpenings, allow for cost savings of as little as 39% and as high as 78% when compared to a similar product commonly referred to as “ninja blade.”

TFT-PNEUMATIC does not assume or imply any lifetime guarantees as many factors influence and affect this determination including but not limited to: User proficiency, user vices, air pressure, tool being used as well as material being removed.

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