FRD-6PH-5 Series – Pistol-Grip Drills

FRD-6PH-5 Series - Pistol-Grip Drills : FRD-6PH-5
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The FRD-6PH-5 Series is one of FUJI’s smallest pistol grip drills. With a drilling capacity of up to 3/8″ it packs more power than the FRD-6PH-3 Series. One of the models includes a threaded spindle, FUJI added a “TH” on the tool model to be able to differentiate them. The main benefit of threaded chucks is they will not come loose. Some Users prefer them like this because their operations are quite rough. Other customers prefer the conical nonthreaded spindle which is the model without the “TH”. This last version enhances drill accuracy and increases chuck accuracy. Please select to the right the model number of your preference or compare below among all models in the series.

FRD-6PH-5 Series - Pistol-Grip Drills : FRD-6PH-5
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FRD-6PH-5 Series - Pistol Handle Pneumatic Drills Models Comparison




Part Number



Drilling Capacity

10mm / 3/8"

10mm / 3/8"

Speed (RPM's)




320 W

320 W


3.09 lbs / 1.4 kg

3.09 lbs / 1.4 kg

Spindle or Chuck type

Jacobs Taper 2S


Sound Pressure db(A)

71 db(A)

71 db(A)

FUJI Air Tools Pneumatic Drill Features


Industrial Heavy-Duty

Aluminum housing makes it durable and lightweight.

low vibration

Low Vibration

Expertly built to reduce vibration in the harshest operation.

Cost effective

Cost Effective

More durability means greater ROI compared to lower-end tools.


Self Return Roll Handle

When the operator releases the handle, it automatically returns to the "OFF" position and the air supply is switched off. When ordering, add "S" to the end of the model name.



Fuji offers a reversible option for some heavy duty drill models. The reverse action is selected by simply turning the reverse lever.


Dead Handle

The dead handle helps soften the breakthrough reaction force experienced when drilling through holes.


Rear Exhaust with Built-in Muffler

The noise level is minimized via the muffler built into the exhaust cover.


Swivel Type Exhaust Cover

The exhaust cover can be rotated to enable the operator to choose a convenient direction of the exhaust air.


Two-State Throttle Action

This mechanism allows slow start smooth operation to full speed allowing the drill bit to be centralized prior  to drilling at full speed.


Jacobs Tapered Models with Yukiwa Chuck

Fuji offers special models with Jacobs tapered spindles and chucks for very precise drilling application. Especially FRD-6PH series provides run-out (0.02mm for FRD-6PH-2 & 3, 0.06mm for FRD-6PH-5 & 7). For more versatile applications the series provides 3/8"-24 spindles models (FRD-6PH TH).

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