Steel Milling Disc


  • Material: Ferrous (Titanium, Steel, and Ni-Cr Alloys, including Inconel 625/718)

Product Description

TFT-Steel Milling Discs: Perfect Weld Preparation and Repair in Titanium, Steel, and Ni-Cr Alloys, incl. Inconel 625/718

No abrasive residues/No Cross Contamination

When disc is cleaned between uses it will allow for perfect weld preparation and repair thus reducing the risk of having to do a job all over again.

No Smearing

When using our milling disc, weld defects are immediately visible and the smearing caused by grinding is avoided.

No sudden or unexpected reaction/kickbacks

Unlike traditional cutting discs, when operating a milling disc, you will quickly notice that the kickbacks are drastically reduced and in most cases completely eliminated.

High process efficiency

High material removal rate and elimination of frequent tool changes due to product total lifespan of up to 200 hours.

Very long expected lifespan of a disc

Each disc has a lifespan before resharpening of up to 200 hours on carbon steel. Lifespan may increase or decrease depending on the material and its hardness. They can be resharpened up to 9 times, giving a total lifespan of 1,800 hours.

Low speed heavy dust

Heavy dust/chips fall close to the workplace enabling for a safer work environment.

Reduced or limited sparks

Depending on the material some applications like Stainless Steel 316 and Inconel 625 show little to no sparks. Other materials, such as Carbon Steel, show a constant and steady flow of sparks that only fly for 4 to 6 feet away from the work piece.

Hot Work

Even though the tool and disc present reduced/limited sparks, it is still classified as a hot work tool. When working on a classified/hazardous areas, all safety precautions pertaining to conventional hotwork tools apply.

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