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TFT-PNEUMATIC, a look inside on the benefits of using the products of Safety Tools Allmet.

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Paint and Coatings Industry News

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Safety Tools Allmet just released its new Suitcase in partnership with Pelican. This new product not only complies with the Certification from DNV by being able to be carried around in Classified Areas but also a special foam that prevents the build up of Static Energy. This long waited for product will enhance the lifetime of the tools while on Transport as it provides each tool its own individual space.

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BRAZIL – Sea Discovery: Please take a look at the Publication from Sea Discovery of Safety Tools Allmet products use in Brazil FPSO and other Classified Areas where cutting and grinding without Hot Work Permit is required.

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Norwegian Offshore magazine comments on the many virtues of Safety Tool's Allmet products and their great benefits.

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Please take a look at the Publication from Arabian Oil & Gas about Safety Tools Allmet products.

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News Corner, look at the product range from Safety Tools Allment.

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