North American Distributor of Quality Non sparking , sparkless tools.

About Us

TFT-PNEUMATIC, headquartered in Houston, TX is a leading North American Distributor of Industrial Products. Its commitment with the industrial development in the U.S. and the diversified products offered to its customer make it the Top Choice for Industrial Users.

One of its main goals is to provide its customers with the best and most innovative products at the best prices. The company’s efforts are focused in the Distribution and Sale of FUJI AIR TOOLS and the Distribution, Sale and Rental of SAFETY TOOLS ALLMET of which its Master Distributor and Exclusive Distributor respectively.


FUJI AIR TOOLS, a company based in Osaka, Japan which has been producing Quality Industrial Power Tools since 1943, and that nowadays exports to over 80 countries worldwide a range of more than 1,400 products.



SAFETY TOOLS ALLMET, a company based in Straume, Norway is the only company in the World with Certified Cold Grinding and Cutting Technology for use primarily in Explosive and Hazardous Environments.

Since the foundation of TFT-PNEUMATIC, LLC., we have been operating with the major management policies which include:

  1. to distribute quality products and deliver the quality to customers;
  2. to ensure satisfaction of our customers, and
  3. to take every possible measure for the establishment of service and a maintenance system so that the customers can use our products under the satisfactory operating conditions as long as possible
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