At TFT Pneumatic we want to help you understand the benefits of using our products. They are unique and add great value when used under the correct applications and circumstances. This is why we have created this library of demos, infographics, and tutorials, where you can learn more about these types of tools.

Whether you work for a Forge, Foundry, Shipyard, Petrochemical company, Coal mine, or any other type of industry, we believe this library will help you.

We will constantly update this section, but if you would like to see some specific content, please let us know.

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Cold Cutting Assisting Devices – Pipe Cutter and Flat Surface Cutter

As part of TFT-Pneumatic’s interaction with Users and Customers, we knew there was room for improvement within our cutting and weld seam removal systems, specifically pipe cutting machines. While speed is not necessarily as important as doing a certified cold work job, we knew it was something that mattered to us and to the end-user. […]

Weld Seam Removal in Class 1 Div 1 & 2 Areas and EX Areas

Among the toughest jobs in a Classified Environment is being able to operate and not generate heat that could cause an explosion. Jobs that take place in areas where flammable materials are present such as natural gas, methane, and all sorts of hydrocarbons, require a very special set of tools to be used. In many […]

Air Angle Grinders – An In-Depth Guide

Air angle grinders are durable and safer to use. Learn about what these tools are great for.

How to Identify the 7 Most Dangerous Welding Defects

Welding defects can be catastrophic if gone unnoticed. Learn how you can identify the most common flaws in welding jobs.

Certified Cold Work Cutting Tools

Whenever you need to cut pipe, deck, beams, weld or any other metal surface, you need a non-sparking power tool that is safe to use.

Collapsed oil storage tank repair using a pneumatic angle grinder

Crude oil storage tanks repairing is crucial in the oil extraction industry. Unrefined oil stays in these tanks waiting to be transported or processed into finished products. The integrity of the storage tank is essential to preserve the oil. The problem is of course maintenance. Things like crude oil tank cleaning may seem like a […]

Electric vs. Air-Powered Angle Grinders

Compare the features and advantages of using pneumatic grinders against electric grinders.

How does an air tool motor work?

Learn how the motor of a pneumatic tools works, in this case a pneumatic vertical grinder.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench – The complete guide for this powerful bolting tool

Hydraulic torque wrenches are one of the most useful tools available for industrial applications. People who work at mining, refining and petrochemical jobs know how difficult it is to find the right tool for the job. And when it comes to bolting tools for tight spaces, there is nothing better than a hydraulic torque wrench. […]

Working in Explosive Environments – Certified Cold Work Tools

Explosive environments are among the most challenging places to work on. Refineries, Chemical Plants, Process Plants, Boats/Ships and Offshore Platforms are included among them. In these environments, it is often necessary to do maintenance and modification jobs. Hot work permits are hard to get, or at the very least they should be. Some places will […]